Below are a list of example Kinect2Scratch programs you can use as a base.

Download All Samples (zip file)

I would love to include your original Kinect2Scratch game or application here, email me!

Move a Sprite

Coding with Kinect2Scratch is very easy. This script lets you move a sprite by waving your right hand.

Download Kinect2Scratch Move a Sprite (Right click and 'Save link as')

Tennis Game

Move paddles up and down by raising & lowering your hands. You are controlling both paddles, one with each hand.

Download Kinect2Scratch Tennis Game (Right click and 'Save link as')

'Music' Generator (Noise!) 

Make 'music' by moving your hands!

Download Music (Right click and 'Save link as')

Tidy your room!

Pick up the food and put it near the PC

Download Kinect2Scratch Tidy Your Room (Right click and 'Save link as')

Hungry Ant Maths Game

Guide the ant to to the numbers

Download Kinect2Scratch Hungry Ant Game(Right click and 'Save link as')

Alien Attack Game

Throw both hands over your head to fire

Download Kinect2Scratch Alien Attack (Right click and 'Save link as')

Ball Bounce Game

Control the paddle by swiping hand

Download Kinect2Scratch Ball Bounce Game (Right click and 'Save link as')

Skeleton (Advanced)

Draw a skeleton using pen commands (this is a long script)

Download Kinect2Scratch Skeleton (Right click and 'Save link as')

Elephant Defender Game

Written for a forthcoming book

Download Kinect2Scratch Elephant Defender (Right click and 'Save link as')

Hungry Shark

Eat the fish (but not the octopus). 

Download Kinect2Scratch Hungry Shark (Right click and 'Save link as')