Kinect 2 Scratch

Program the Kinect (any version) with Scratch 1.4 and

Developed by Stephen Howell:

This page has Kinect v1 to Scratch 1.4 (earliest version). However there are a few new (buggy) versions:

Looking for Kinect v2 (Xbox One)? Kinect v2 to Scratch 1.4

Looking for Kinect v1 (Xbox 360) to (Scratch 2.0)? Kinect v1 to ScratchX

Looking for Kinect v2 (Xbox One) to (Scratch 2.0)? I have a working version but need to clean up some bugs and write up a tutorial. Coming very soon!

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Kinect2Scratch allows data from the Microsoft Kinect controller be sent to Scratch, the programming language for kids from the MIT Media Laboratory. 

This means that anyone can write programs with motion control, use gestures, make kinetic games and generally leap about having fun.

All you need is a Kinect with its own power supply (Kinects bundled with an XBox will need a separate cable). 

Watch Video

Stephen Howell shows the Kinect to the audience at Scratch@MIT Conference 2012. Dr. Sugiura & Prof.  Kishi are also pictured.

Kinect Drivers

If you have a Kinect for Windows, please download and install the latest Microsoft Kinect Runtime before installing Kinect2Scratch.

Get Runtime

If you have a Kinect for XBox 360, please download and install the Microsoft Kinect SDK before installing Kinect2Scatch. If unsure, install the SDK.

Citing Kinect2Scratch

If you want mention Kinect2Scratch in your documentation or posters, please use something like:  "Kinect2Scratch was developed by Stephen Howell. It is available at".

If your academic work is published, and you need to reference me, please use the following citation:

Howell, S. (2012). Kinect2Scratch (Version 2.5) [Computer Software].

Talks & Exhibitions

Here is an ignite talk (exactly 5 minutes, 15 slides) I gave last year.

Watch Defuse Ignite Talk

About the Author

Stephen Howell is the Academic Engagement Manager for Microsoft Ireland. Previously he was a Computing lecturer with the Institute of Technology Tallaght for 11 years. 

He lectured on Interactive Media, UX & Software Development. Prior to joining IT Tallaght, Stephen was a lecturer in Dublin City University and a software engineer at IBM Ireland.

Stephen has been invited to present at dozens of national and international conferences, events & CoderDojos.

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